Is it “OK” to Tweet a Blog Post More than Once?

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Tweeting a blog post multiple times is definitely fine if you follow the etiquette that we’ve laid out here. Twitter is still a great tool for getting your content out to people who are interested in it, as long as you take care to avoid spamming and avoid getting into a situation where people are fatigued by your tweets.

Reasons Why Google+ Piques our Interest

The Google +1 button.

Guest author Brianne shares a few of reasons, which single out Google Plus from other social networking sites and make it more tempting to join and remain active over it.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire YouTube Stars for Your Brand

YouTube Star.

Hiring YouTube stars could help you attract a good amount of your prospective clients closer to your products or services.

Changes at Google+ – Who’s Next?

The Google+ UI is now less cluttered, crystal clear, with beautiful icons that make it one of the most aesthetic outthere – if aesthetics are something you care for. Will Facebook respond with updates of its own?

How to Motivate Your Website Visitors to Share Your Website Content [Guest Post]

Do you want to have additional traffic to your website without doing any marketing? You can do it by encouraging your website visitors to share your website content. However, this is not an easy thing to do because people are lazy to share your content. What you need to do is to make the process easy for them. Here are some tips you can do to motivate your website visitors to share your website content.

Book Review: How to Make Money with Social Media


The book provides a roadmap for businesspeople who want to use social media to grow their sales and revenues.

HubSpot Release: How to Use Twitter for Business Guide

twitter ebook cover

Twitter guides are no longer the new black, but a classic trend in the business. About all PR and marketing companies offer a Twitter for Business, or Twitter for Beginners guide, in an effort to appear as authorities in the field. As many other similar products, “How to Use Twitter for Business – An Introductory […]