My best politics lesson: using social media to connect pupils and politicians

Mike Britland’s students took to Twitter to learn about political ideologies and debates. He explains how the lesson helped them feel part of the system

Cost-Effective Communication For Your Business

Modern communication technology

This is a guest post by Cassie Lummus, an independent writer who works for Answering Service United as a virtual receptionist.  Her area of expertise lies  in call center solutions. All businesses, whether it is a worldwide corporation or a home-based operation, need to exercise positive communication at all times.  Whether it’s a marketing campaign, press release […]

Content PR Is the New Black

Content PR

Many organizations do PR for their content, without even knowing. But a new infographic by Calysto Communications goes a bit more in-depth, showing how modern content PR has changed, compared to traditional content PR. This because all marketing strategies online revolve, one way or another, around content, and content can be everything from texts to […]

6 Reasons You Should Major in Public Relations

Successful business woman

This is a guest post by Kathy, who works for How Much Is It? , a website that can help you find the prices on just about anything. Reach out to her on Twitter — @howmuchforit Nowadays, more and more courses from various colleges and universities are being offered but which one should you get […]

Would You Like to Be Addressed with “Dear Communicator?”

It’s not receiving the email that bothers me – I did sign up for updates from this PR company, after all. The “Dear communicator” is the issue. It is uncommon, needless to say, unprofessional, for someone in PR to send out a bulk email with such a cold, impersonal greeting.

Making Sense of Customer Testimonial Campaigns


Today’s consumers face a constant barrage of sales pitches and strategically placed products, and they’ve become smarter about choosing top goods and services. So what’s the best way to show potential clients that your business makes the most sense? Appeal to their senses with a well-leveraged library of positive reviews.

Blogging When You Have Nothing to Say: The Rant


You know what really grinds my gears? So-called “guru” bloggers and marketers who rant endlessly on the same old topics, without really having anything useful to say. There’s one thing they master, however, as unbelievable as this may sound. They know how to spin a title to draw attention. Unfortunately, they follow with a story […]