Fashion Tips for Male Employees


A guest article from James Scaggs, the Director of Marketing for ecommerce retail sites and James offers several fashion tips on business dress code etiquette for men.

Eye Contact: The Definition Of Humanity?

Eye contact

Eye contact is incredibly important in the world of commerce. It demonstrates your confidence, understanding and the fact that you are listening. Eye-contact could be the key between you making a sale or securing a deal or not.

The Secret Body Language of Marilyn Monroe…

…is not so secret and many tried to copy/imitate it. The most recent Marilyn impersonator, Lindsay Lohan, with her appearance as Marilyn in New York Magazine’s recreation of “The Last Sitting” literally crushed’s servers (NOTE: site contains nude pictures of Lindsay Lohan). But did she really manage to “be” Marilyn? Lindsay didn’t have an […]

Body Language: You Are an Ape

And now… pay attention! Humans, or human beings, are bipedal primates belonging to the mammalian species Homo sapiens (Latin: “wise man” or “knowing man”) in the family Hominidae (the great apes). – Wikipedia Most of the signals of the non-verbal communication are not influenced by culture or/and education. They are inborn gestures, as common for […]

Body Language: The Truth Is In Your Hands

Today a topic you already know: the messages sent by open palms: “I come in peace!” When you meet a person who tells the truth, you will notice that he/she exposes his/her palms open to you. And ideally this is an unconscious gesture. In the modern world though there are close to no ideal situations. […]

Body Language: Body Shift

I bet you missed the body language entries. Well, I will try to post more often: there are enough topics to cover, probably as many as small gestures and sudden moves. We will be talking about a sudden move today, one that betrays feelings such as: impulsive change of disposition, skepticism, disagreement, misunderstanding, tiresomeness, the […]

Group Writing Project: Business Books

What is a business book? A book that reveals secrets of the trade? A “how to” guide to inspire newbies? Is it niche focused or could its guidelines be applied in other branches as effectively? All books are full of ideas. And ideas can be adapted to any field.    My favorite business book is […]