5 Most Important Characteristics of a Successful Blog [Guest Post]

PR chick

Do you know that successful blogs share the same characteristics? Do you want to know the secret of a successful blog? How can it generate massive traffic and keep multiplying that traffic day after day? How can it generate massive profits to its owner? Here are 5 most important characteristics of a successful blog.

Copyright Protection Advice for Online Writers

Learn how to protect your work online, how to beat content scrapers and more importantly, how to avoid Google Panda penalties.

Writing Ebooks – The Basics of Online Research

Sony ebook reader.

A product that sells over and over again is a product that delivers residual income. On the Internet market the products that make the most win are software, ebooks and images. These products: don’t require shipping, cost relatively little to produce, are easily upgraded, branded and copyrighted and can be sold and promoted virtually through […]

Everything PR Hits the High and Low Spots of Public Relations Online

From public relations news to public relations goofs, nothing escapes the scrutiny of the talented authors from Pamil Visions’ new PR news site “Everything PR.” Founded on January 6, 2009, Everything PR is a webblog dedicated to reviewing and promoting public relations companies and services; corporate communications and marketing trends; as well as various social […]

Oh No! Not Another Social Networking Site

The guest author today is the talented Sue Bride of Blogging Sueblimely. I am sure most of eWritings’ readers already know her – after all we meet in the same “social networks.” For those of you who don’t know her, I strongly encourage you not to stop at this article, but to follow the links […]

The Higher You Climb, the Less That You Know

This is a metaphor. You climb the highest mountain and gaze around you. It’s an achievement and everyone you know is mesmerized by your courage, devotion and willingness to succeed. You are above the rest. Top of the world. Happy. You did it. You like it there. There is no one like you. You have […]

Social Network Automation and Why You Don’t Want to Be Part of It

Update: this article refers to social network automation tools like OnlyWire, Socializer, SocialPoster, etc. It does not refer to WordPress widgets, “share this” or “digg” buttons that allow the site visitors actually choose what/whether they want to bookmark. In the mad race for traffic and hits, how many online entrepreneurs stop to wonder about quality? […]