SEO: Do and Don’ts to Use Slideshare for Driving Traffic

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If you are keen to get good traffic for your website, you generally start with the free options. Of all the different options available for free, SlideShare is included the best way to get higher traffic without any cost. SlideShare is basically one of the social media platforms, which many people do not know. If you look at the perspective of internet marketing, it seems to be far better than sites like Facebook or Twitter as here you get the option of sharing presentations and not messages unlike the other named sites. The presentations are in use for many business and personal requirements since ages and are considered as one of the best way to express you and your business in a visual fashion. If your presentations at SlideShare become popular you end up getting loads of traffic at your site. In this way, you are also able to boost your search engine ranking by using quality SlideShare presentations for your sites. The below is the list of some do’s and donts of using SlideShare for getting higher traffic to your site. Let’s check them out:

The Do’s

Do upload quality presentations only

Your first mantra for success on SlideShare is that your presentation should be of higher quality. This applies both to your design and content, hence if you feel that you may not be able to do so, better hire any competent professional for the same and then upload it. The content you use in your presentations should be both useful and interesting along with elegant design.

Do keep your structure simple and to the point

Since you are making a presentation and not an article or some other lengthy thing, hence you do not get enough space here to incorporate complicated structures and lengthy discussions. Hence make sure you keep the structure of your presentation simple and easy to follow along with keeping the content to the point. These are the basics of making successful presentations. Also, the font’s size you use should be bigger by limiting the number of sentences simply to seven lines per slide.

Do choose long tail keywords

SlideShare happens to be a high ranking website and is considered as a best option specifically for long tail keywords. Due to this reason, you are supposed to only add some long tail keywords in your content including the title and at other places. This could prove out to be a magic in terms of getting higher ranks over different search engines. So before using the keywords, consider the one having longer tail keywords.

Do promote your presentations

You could produce some high quality presentations and upload over SlideShare, however, if you fail to promote the same it may be a futile act as you may not get the traffic. In fact, the basic reason of uploading these presentations over SlideShare is simply to get traffic to your site, hence you need to chalk out a proper promotion strategy. These could include sharing the links over other social media sites along with carrying out social bookmarking and putting the links over your blog to boost up its exposure before a wide range of people.

The Don’ts

Don’t be too stingy

You get the option of restricting your SlideShare presentations to be downloaded by your readers, but make sure you don’t do this. Content marketing simply works when you allow it to be shared all across different domains. By restricting the download actions can snatch away the sharing option to your readers and visitors. On the contrary, you should encourage your readers to download and share them across different places as much as they want.

Don’t use more than two keywords in your presentation

The platform of SlideShare is very much search engine friendly, which can help your presentations to be found by people searching out things relevant to your niche. So, when you talk about search engines, you have the optimization opportunity. So, when you carry out the SEO part using your targeted keywords, avoid the issue of keyword stuffing by using one or maximum 2 of the relevant keywords in your presentations tags and titles.

Don’t plunk your old presentations in the given space

You may find it tempting to reuse your current presentations over the SlideShare Content Ads, however, if you choose them to use for any internal presentation or product demonstration, it will certainly not going to work as an effective advertising tool.

Don’t be very much wordy

In presentations, you are not supposed to add hordes of sentences and paragraphs; hence you need to learn the art of brevity. So avoid using dense content, since it can be too boring and may not be readable for your visitors.

Final word

SlideShare is among the best sites wherein you can benefit a lot in getting better traffic for site. But for this, you need to follow the top dos and don’ts discussed above. With these set rules, you could end up getting higher traffic via your presentations over SlideShare.

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