Is it “OK” to Tweet a Blog Post More than Once?

This is a guest post by Aaron Long, an experienced online content marketing expert specialises in SEO and content marketing.

Courtesy polledemaagdt

Courtesy polledemaagdt

Like any free internet service or communication medium, social media is heavily abused and exploited by way of constant spamming, fake accounts and other unsolicited marketing techniques.

That leaves those of us with real, honest content walking a thin line between spamming and social sharing. That line isn’t always so easy to spot, especially when it comes to something like Twitter, where sharing links is all it was ever really designed to do.

Though it’s slowly being devalued by spammers, Twitter is still one of the primary methods by which bloggers share links and promote their content. This begs the question: When you write a great post, is it “OK” to share it more than once?

The short answer is yes, though there are several things we want to take note of and a few guidelines to follow before we do it.

The first thing that I would encourage everyone to do is to go to and check out their new tool that checks your Twitter account for fake followers. Some of the more popular twitter accounts have large percentages of fake followers, and it’s definitely something that can affect anyone.

Chances are that your score will come back pretty good, but just check to be sure you’re not tweeting to a bunch of robots.

Once you have that out of the way, here are several factors to consider when you have a great blog post that you want to send out more than a few times.

1. Space your article tweets out with personal tweets. – Regardless of whether you’re posting the same article or different articles, make sure you keep your blog promotion tweets separated by a reasonable amount of personal tweets.

If you’re constantly just pushing links out to your followers, it’s likely that people will start unfollowing you because they’ll feel like you’re simply spamming them.

Adding some tweets that are more focused on being personal and relational will help dispel that feeling among your followers. This is something you can do all the time that sets precedence for sharing a post more than once.

2. Don’t tweet too much overall. – If your overall volume of tweets is too high, regardless of whether they’re personal or blog related, you run the risk of losing followers for the same reason as number one.

The key to tweeting is moderation, so you need to keep your overall number of tweets down between five or ten per day before you start thinking about double tweeting.

3. Reserve double-tweeting for only your best or most popular posts. – If you’ve written a post that you feel is “so-so” or that doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic or attention, you probably have better choices for double tweeting.

Particularly if you’re in the habit of tweeting all of your posts after you publish them; you’d be better off tweeting the more popular posts at regular intervals.

4. If you’re going to tweet an article multiple times, make sure that article doesn’t get tweeted to close to itself. – What I mean by this, is that if you’re dealing with one post or article and you want to tweet it five or six times, stretch those tweets out over enough time so that you’ll have plenty of other tweets in between them.

What we’re trying to avoid is having the same post with the same link on your twitter feed over and over again.


Tweeting a blog post multiple times is definitely fine if you follow the etiquette that we’ve laid out here. Twitter is still a great tool for getting your content out to people who are interested in it, as long as you take care to avoid spamming and avoid getting into a situation where people are fatigued by your tweets.

It’s a fine line, but we all walk it.


  1. Tweeting a link to the same blog post more than once seems totally reasonable to me. After all, few people conscientiously read every tweet that comes their way.

    In addition, you can vary the hashtags for a given link to reach multiple appropriate audiences with a single link.


  2. i saw many people tweeting their article number of times they think that by doing such their article/ post will get more popular and their visits will also increase. but now now i think that are not 100% correct ……
    me too was doing this but now i stoped that i usually tweet post 3 times with a much interval of time.

  3. This is a great post and should be shared with a lot of people. Your article has gave me many pointers, Thanks you for sharing.

  4. Yup it’s fine.You can tweet your blog multiple times because as soon as some other did any update your screen is automatically get updated and your blog tweet goes down so no problem if you do it twice or thrice or so on.

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