Google Panda Update Infographic

For those of you who still wonder about the Google Panda update, the infographic below by Search Engine Land and BlueGlass may be just what the doctor ordered. Never mind expressions such as “substantial substance” – the infographic does provide enough “meat” if that’s what you’re looking for. ¬†On a personal note, I am proud to say Yahoo never deleted my Associated Content contributions, moving them on voices instead. This means a lot for my humble beginnings as a content writer. On a separate note, if you need more information, click on the infographic to access the original article. Enjoy:

The Google Panda Update, One Year Later


  1. Its a fair update.
    Basically get unique content. The problem that i see here is that if somebody copy’s your content you will be penalized as well, so it has its flaws


  2. Interesting how Panda update 2.4 affected 12.4% of all English language sites and only 6-9% of non-English sites. In any case, I support any steps Google takes to cut out the spam and improve search results. Content creators should be happy too, since initiatives like this weed out spammers from actual, knowledgeable authors.

  3. My theory is that Google isn’t against content websites. What they’re mostly against is article directories that allow anyone to submit useless, repeat content. One exception, however, is probably press release websites.

  4. With regards to the Panda update, is there an issue with syndicated content. I am talking about same content from the owner being posted on article directories and web 2.0 blogs. There are many people who confuse syndication versus duplication.

  5. This is a great summary. As far as non English sites are concerned Panda’s impact was not so hard.

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