The Ultimate Twitter Reality Video

I know, I know, one more twitter entry and I turn to something I don’t want to name, but I read yesterday that “Web service Twitter plans TV competition series” and I thought “Gosh, they are slow!”

It is pointless to start writing about why the idea is S.T.U.P.I.D! I consider Big Brother a stupid show, but the fact is that it is still broadcast, which means that the publics like it. This is proof that stupid ideas make big money. This is also proof that instead of trying to learn something deep, profound and life enriching, people feel the need to “tweet.” So here it is, the intelligent response to the TV competition plans of Twitter.


  1. haha!! I saw me in that video! (the guy on the left) ;)

  2. I subbed this to digg a long time ago and it was on the front page.

  3. Mig, this Twitter video is a little bit out of my imagination and unrealistic to me! It seems that Twitter is a must for everyone…

  4. techwitch says:

    I Twittered about this during this lol

  5. Cool vids huh..partly i agree and partly i disagree…twitter really helping site to drive traffic into and this possible by your tweets and it is followed but others use it for fun only..

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