Recommended Reads this Weekend

From public relations to social media, from amazing startups to new SEO tools, the week we close has offered a wealth of information. Here are just a few entries you’ll probably enjoy reading in your spare time.

At SitePoint, Phil Butler reviews a startup that could mean the end of Facebook and the like: Stream Your Life Completely with thisMoment.

Through photos, video, blogging and social interaction, thisMoment creates a user experience unlike any I know of. Imagine Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, Delicious, Facebook, MySpace and more, all packed inside a beautiful and functional box.

For parents who want to safeguard their children online, the same author numbers Two Trillion Reasons Why KIDO’Z Will Succeed

Can the children’s browser KIDO’Z help moms and dads ensure safe surfing for their children? Or perhaps more importantly, from a development standpoint, can narrowly focused niche tools effectively provide the greatest value to Web consumers?

At Everything PR, a public relations news publication by Pamil Visions, I analyze what it really takes for a small business owner to be successful using a social network in Social Media Spells Opportunity?

Social networks are crowded places and, as with any crowded place, it’s hard to “stand out.” The web has already become a bubble of gibbering crowds. Not only are folly and nonsense increasing in numbers, but every interest, personal, political, religious and business easily degenerates into confusion and propaganda. Whether it is personal fame, or bigger profits, or justice, or a better environment that we desire; to succeed in any social network we must write our philosophy in blazing headlines and sell it to the market. But how do we sell to sellers? How do we market to marketers?

Phil Butler is writing about the goofiest PR releases and campaigns: Say What You Mean Damnit

Reading this press release from a PR firm triggered my schnapps intake response mode. Does anyone honestly read these things and actually assume the general public will understand. I think the person who wrote the book may not even be able to grasp the concept. Any way, English 101, write as if the person reading knows absolutely nothing about the subject you are covering. The other principal that comes to mind for press releases and life in general is KISS. Keep it simple stupid!

Aaron Wall launched a new SEO tool: the SEO toolbar.

What would happen if you smooshed together many of the best parts of Rank Checker, SEO for Firefox, the best keyword research tools across the web, a feed reader (pre-populated with many SEO feeds), a ton of competitive research tools, the ability to compare up to 5 competing sites against each other, easy data export, and boatloads of other features into 1 handy Firefox extension? Well, you would have the SEO Toolbar.

Google launched A new Google Sitemap Generator for your website

Our new open-source Google Sitemap Generator finds new and modified URLs based on your webserver’s traffic, its log files, or the files found on the server. By combining these methods, Google Sitemap Generator can be very fast in finding these URLs and calculating relevant metadata, thereby making your Sitemap files as effective as possible.

Steve Rubel published links to “Obama’s Social Media Toolkit” and a short list of lessons from Obama’s social media campaign.

At AdAge Bob Garfield dissects Gatorade’s new advertising campaign ‘G’ Is Not Only Gatorade, It’s Good — So Far, Anyway

Many other matters were discussed, including plenty of nakedly racist debate about the video’s black-centricity, but more on that presently. The point is, it worked. People are talking about G. This is what a teaser campaign is meant to do. Therefore, for TBWA, so far, so good.

At the Times Online Andrew Stone tells the story of a brewery that managed to market its products via blogs and social networks. Blogging your way into the big time

Soon after starting up, Scottish beer business Brewdog was struggling to sell its product until its co-founders hit on the idea of using the internet to market their distinctive beers.

David Airey published a list of 7 SEO Blogs and 21 useful articles.

At SitePoint I wrote about Twitter’s Little Known SEO Value.

If you can make people come to your site via Twitter, then this is an SEO advantage you cannot afford to miss.

And speaking about Twitter, Steven Hodson hits the nail on the head: Is Twitter the next affiliate link hunting ground?

What if Twitter becomes the new affiliate marketing arena for less scrupulous people than Robert Scoble.


  1. I like the post about Brewdog. With a brand name like that for a beer, it sounds really strange. But its marketers had proved that internet marketing is really powerful. That’s quite a feat.

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