Performancing Lacks Performance


The weekly startup review initiated with PageTiki continues today with PerformancingAds. This, in my opinion, is an obscure advertising system that supposedly helps “great publishers get partnered up with great advertisers.”

For research purposes I will include in this article some affiliate links to PerformancingAds (to see how many clicks will appear in my affiliates control panel). Please note that this is a negative review of the service and I do not recommend PerformancingAds as a feasible monetizing option for your site/blog.

PerformancingAds released its service on July 24 with a biased list-type of announcement on their corporate blog. Behind the service there are names like Ryan Caldwell, Chris Garrett, Sean Hickey and Randa Clay – all web authorities, respected professionals in the blogosphere. These are the names that “baited” so many people into becoming PerformancingAds users.

I haven’t tested the service as an advertiser, but I can today express my opinion as a publisher and an affiliate.

Something Fishy in PerformancingAds Land…

Creating an account with PerformancingAds is easy. You submit some basic information, go through a basic confirmation process and you are in.

Then you submit your sites, set up your advertising fees, get a script code and paste it wherever you want to display PerformancingAds on your site. This sounds simple and clean, doesn’t it?

Next, you wait for advertisers to “book” advertising space on your sites. In the meanwhile Performancing will display its own banners, at its discretion or place miscellaneous banners on your sites – apparently based on a “traffic exchange” basis:

A publisher earns a set baseline of credits simply for displaying ads, and earns even more credits when ads are sold on his or her site. Credits are then converted into free traffic for the publisher.

I was not inspired to make screenshots of my sites in the first two days of displaying PerformancingAds because honestly… I haven’t expected the service to be so full of bugs. So “fishy.”

Let me explain.

PerformancingAds showed for two-three days ads from its network on my site. There where links to and a few other sites from the SplashPress Media network. I treated these as “exchange” ads and I ignored them.

If you have not sold all of your advertising spots, Performancing Ads will show exchange ads in their place. Exchange ads are ads from other sites in the network and count towards your exchange credits. Exchange ads always defer to paid-ads, so as soon as someone buys an ad on your site, the paid ad will replace an exchange ad.

At the beginning of September I noticed that the ads displayed by the PerformancingAds script on my sites changed. I logged into my account and I was happy to see 6 bookings in my reports for September. There were 2 bookings for each site I submitted. Today these bookings magically disappeared – although the ads still show on my sites.

PerformancingAds still displaying ads on Rounite.

PerformancingAds still displaying ads on Rounite as I write this article.

Naturally this raises questions about Performancing’s integrity. Do they charge the advertisers and do not pay the publishers? Frankly, this is exactly how it looks.

Advertisers book banner ads on a publisher’s site on weekly basis –at least according to Performancing.

Why do you use weeks instead of months?

We get asked this question a lot. The simple truth is that at the end of the day, it increases the level of entry for advertisers. By having more advertisers involved in our network, our publishers will make more money, more consistently. It’s a win-win for everyone.

So if advertisers book banner space for one week, how come that the bookings completely disappear after 2 days (!) from a publisher’s account and how come that these advertisers remain featured on the publishers’ sites? Do the ads convert to “exchange ads” over night? If so, why is not displaying any Rounite ads?

The questions “how does the exchange system work?” receives from Performancing a nebulous answer:

Good question! The exchange system is a credit based system that is internal to Performancing Ads publishers. A publisher earns a set baseline of credits simply for displaying ads, and earns even more credits when ads are sold on his or her site. Credits are then converted into free traffic for the publisher.

The “exchange” is obviously random and incontrollable. In the PerformancingAds control panel there are no stats to show you where your “exchange ads” are being shown or how many referrals you get from the so called “traffic exchange.”

In this equation only PerformancingAds wins.

The affiliates program is even more nebulous. If you are logged into your account there is no way to access the information from this page:

This is how the page reads when you are logged off:

Access to affiliate information when logged off.

And this is what the same url displays when you are logged in.

Access to affiliate information when logged in.

The question “how much I make per referral” was not included in the “help” FAQ for affiliates. There is also no way to tell whether the affiliate signed under your referral id is a publisher or an advertiser.

With mysterious disappearance of bookings from my account, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number of affiliates reset to zero tomorrow. More mysterious is the number of clicks reported in my affiliate account.

püerformancingads affiliate traffic.

I had days when TerraHermes had 8000 unique visitors. Please note that the PerformancingAds affiliate banner is on the header of the blog. Do you think that out of 8000 visitors no one clicked on that banner? Not even by accident? According to my tongue-in-cheek calculations, at least five users drank too much Finlandia and passed over the keyboard accidentally hitting the banner; two husbands (or wives) got slapped at the back of the head for being on the Web too long and clicked the banner; at least four users had mistakenly travelled to one of my sites trying to find performance cars (and clicked on the “performancing” ad) and finally… statistically… at least 8 users (or 0,01 percent of 8000) actually clicked on the banner as intended.

PerformancingAds is a mystery and I am not the only one to complain. See Ben Barden’s four week review – it’s more in-depth than mine. Not many web authorities are criticizing the system, and we do have some users experiencing “problems” with their PerformancingAds… I guess the others are too busy to notice or too busy advertising the system…

So far I am deeply disappointed with Performancing and I wouldn’t recommend it to any of my friends. I continue to run the script for a while, just for the sake of the argument. I am also very curious how many “clicks” will appear in my “affiliates” reports after this article and basically till the end of September 2008 – when I will publish my conclusions. I will discontinue using PerformancingAds at the end of the month and I will donate all winnings (if any) to a cause you recommend.


  1. Mihaela,
    Sounds like a rip off to me. You know I’ve been looking into advertisers for my own site, and to be frank, I’ve found many businesses selling similar stories. As I was -and am still not- an expert regarding making money through advertising, I hesitated quite awhile before making a decision. The one you’re describing was on my list as well, and I found their ‘selling story’ too fuzzy. Now I’m glad I passed them.
    It’s difficult to find ‘user end reviews’ on these businesses. Mainly I think because, as you said, the users are either to busy to notice what the different ad placement companies are doing on their site, or (and this is most likely the case) they’ve got a stake in selling the program to other site-owners. Could these be the Internet form of the infamous Pyramid-selling techniques we’ve seen so much of in the past?
    So thank you for this enlightening article. Lets hope other site-owners will open up as well about their experiences with this and other similar companies.

    BTW I’m using now the most famous provider for ads on my siite (no need to mention the name as everyone knows it) :) I’ve made my choice in a simple manner; they are the biggest, most welknown, always in the spotlights.. they can’t afford to rip me off! :)


  2. That affiliate type of revenue with “life recurring” winnings does sound like a pyramid scheme, doesn’t it? Glad you pointed that out. But I am not so worried about getting “recurring” commissions – as I already mentioned, there are mysterious happenings at Performancing… It’s simply outrageous!

  3. Thanks for the primer on Performancing, Mig.

    I have been considering various monetization schemes and had heard of Performancing, but I wasn’t familiar with it. Looks like I should keep looking because I, too, smell a pyramid scheme.

    One of my clients has started using, but I don’t know much about it to make a comment yet. I don’t think that there is a pyramid aspect to it, however.

  4. haha you are funny Mig… :) only two husbands out of say hmm 8000? has to be more than that ;P

    Just last week, I saw two ads booked on my site and they started appearing on the site and I was a bit happy that the system might work, but today when I logged in, theres nothing, nada, zip… no payment, no sites, nothing! How come some of these sites were able to display their site ads on my site for free? got me disappointed big time.. Im taking them off after a couple of weeks too if I don’t see some improvement

    it’s confusing and I was so waiting for a review by someone AFTER using it! Bigger blogs promoted them (probably friends?) before using them so like a herd we all try it in the hopes of making a few dimes here and there…

    Oh, for them to display their own aff. chitika was repulsive to say the least..

    Great review Mig, as always..

  5. Thank you for sharing this with us. I was about to joined PerformancingAds, and now i think i will pass.

  6. Hi Matt,

    I don’t know anything about either – but you know me… I’m willing to test everything. :) There’s only one way to understand these services , call it a “trial and error” process.

    I don’t really believe that PerformancingAds intended to appear as a pyramid scheme – they used the model in the hope to get more users in the network in the shortest time possible. To be honest, when I joined them I was not even aware they had an affiliate program. I only browsed the site “logged in” and I couldn’t even find information on how much the network pays for an affiliate. I had to contact support to get the answer – it never occurred to me that I have to be logged off to have access to basic information!

    PerformancingAds is a startup with a very bad start. They are dealing with money – so they should probably close their doors till they refine their platform and relaunch only when they are sure nothing like this can happen again.

  7. So Pearl, it sounds like you experienced the same problem. It’s amazing that Performancing doesn’t even have the courtesy o send a formal apology to its members. Also, they should find a way to compensate the publishers for the loss caused by their bugs…

    On the other hand – an Alexa based advertising model is BS (hey, I said the b word! – LOL)

  8. Dunn, I wouldn’t join PA at this moment either. Let’s just hope that this entry is a wake up call for them and that they will bother to solve the problem.

  9. Yeah, really thanks!!! . I was about to joined PerformancingAds, too. And now i´m in doubt.

  10. Personally, I don’t use Performancingads (though I have thought about it). Nowadays, setting up a new advertising program (like Performancingads) means that in order to get it rolling, interesting and maybe new ideas need to be introduced into the concept.

    Other wise the whole thing would just be another one in the bunch no ? Logically, this would mean more complexity and more necessity for testing.

    As far as I can tell, there are several reasons why these problems might be happening and Mig has touched some of them already. Now, again, I don’t use Performancingads, but I do have knowledge of ICT and of Business Communications and here’s my take on things :

    1) The system that Performancingads uses might indeed be buggy, causing things to go wrong. I have no idea of how professional the programmers are or how they even did the system. In any way, if there are major bugs in it, don’t expect them to admit this because this would be like throwing rocks into their own windows. Instead they would keep this quiet as long as possible. Sometimes silence is the best way to keep things on track.

    2) Performancingads is not communicating transparently to it’s users what they can expect. Maybe the information is incomplete ? Now, I don’t know if this is deliberate or not, but it is still a possibility.

    3) Both 1 and 2 … This would be very unprofessional to say the least. Having a buggy system would accent being unprofessional (because obviously that means that there hasn’t been enough testing -> and why would that be ??). Not communicating transparently would mean that trust is going to be very hard to repair.

    What it comes down to that if many people have the same problems, it’s going to catch wind sooner or later (as it is now?) and the way to know what you are dealing with exactly is to keep an eye out for the solution that Performancingads is going to provide. I think this is key to understanding what the real problem at the moment is.

  11. I too want to add my name to the list of people that appear to have been screwed over by PerformancingAds. In week two of using the system, I had two ‘real’ ads appear on my site (ones that were not from the so called sxchange network). I logged into and could see the booking in my account. Great! Until about three or four days later, when the ads stopped displaying on my site. I assumed this meant that The weeks slot was over. So I logged in again to check the earning were in my account and much to my surprise, they were not. There is no record of these ads ever being displayed on my site. I have since contacted the company and had no response. I am strongly of the opinion that PERFORMANCINGADS IS A SCAM.

  12. What can I say, Tom? Welcome in the club? :( It’s a sad story, indeed… Performancing are heading for a disaster if they don’t react soon.

  13. I wish I read this a week ago. I just signed on. I’ll give it a month and leave if I’m not happy.

  14. As you see, Jennifer, I am also giving them time… but I will leave anyway at the end of the month. The only reason why I am still sticking around is to see what they come up with next, what other “mysteries” happen in my CP.

    So far I am “proud” to report that they managed to make the 6 “previous” booking appear in the individual reports, two for each site. But: none of these “bookings” made me any money, although they were present on my site for 2 days each.

    Also, right now, on each of my sites Performancing displays a 125×125 banner which does not appear in the overall reports as a “booking” but in the individual reports. The amount I will make is set on “0″ which makes me think these are “exchange ads” (?!) – when I dig deeper I see the explanation of the ad (for example for Michigan Beach Bum at Rounite):

    “This advertisment was booked into your region ‘sidebar’ (Rounite) on Wed, Sep 10th, 06:28, and will expire on Tue, Nov 30th, 00:00. The advertisement has already gone live, and you should be seeing it in your region.”

    (please note that Performancing doesn’t even know how to spell advertisement) Anyway, the text above states pretty clear that the advertisement was booked – which in my book :D means that this is not an exchange ad.

    There is no explanation for the previous bookings – Performancing made them appear in my account, stated pretty clear that they made me 0 USD, but it is still unclear why they were displayed on any of my sites, why for 2 days each (only), why they disappeared from my overall reports, etc. There is no mention of the sites that advertised either.

  15. I’ve had Perf. Ads on my site for two months and I have the exact same problems as you. They have no information upfront. Their exchange ad system is a hall of mirrors and it actually makes sense compared to their aff. system. I think it’s a clear case where they had too many sign ups and they don’t have money to pay people. I had sign ups over a month ago and never received any payment from them. I think people should be readying their attorneys.

  16. He he, Stan! According to Perf, with your Alexa ranking you should be making millions. Yeah, I think they are in trouble all right.

    To my surprise, the ad on Rounite I was talking about yesterday has changed… Now the banner belongs to “My Trips” and the explanation from Perf reports is pretty similar:

    My Trips

    This advertisment was booked into your region ‘sidebar’ (Rounite) on Thu, Sep 11th, 06:03, and will expire on Tue, Nov 30th, 00:00. The advertisement has already gone live, and you should be seeing it in your region.

  17. Thanks for honest review. If they want to be professional and to start getting members, they need to make a lot more improvement and fix the bugs that are easily visible in system. I think, the days when you could fool members have passed, because there is so much competition, and if you are not at least good, then you don’t have any chance to survive.

  18. Can you believe it, Katy? This entry’s been online for a few days now, it does link to their blog – so they must have read it – and still their policy is to “ignore” it. Next step… a review on a blog with higher authority. I can only hope that the top blogs that publish all the hype about these guys will also notice that… there’s something definitely fishy with Perf.Ads.

  19. The longer they ignore it the worst it’s going to get for them. Also, any top blogs that are recommended them will be perceived as being in cahoots with them.

    If you can’t tell, I’m very annoyed with this company. As you mentioned, I have an Alexa under 50,000 and I’m a top ranking sports blog, I’m not looking to take up my sidebar with nonsense from scam companies. Right now they are only in my sidebar because I waiting until the end of September to see if I’m paid for my many signups. If I’m not, the ads will be removed and I will seek further damages.

  20. Ok, I actually posted to their blog… Or at least what I thought was their blog. Hopefully, we can get some answers:

  21. The regions that are booked until November for $0.00 are exchange ads. Even though the space is booked, you will still see that that space is available for booking for money. My biggest question is when the affiliates actually see a payment for bookings. It was suppposed to be $10 a signup plus 5% of the bookings, for life.

  22. Hi guys,
    This is Ryan from PerformancingAds. The biggest confusion here seems to be coming from our exchange ads system. Let me address the issues:

    Our developer made a mistake and started reporting exchange ads as booked ads. This confused a lot of people and they, understandably, thought these ads had been paid for. In fact, they were ads that were booked as part of the exchange ad system.

    When exchange ads were removed from the bookings report, some publishers noticed this and assumed that they were being misled and underpaid. Instead, it was a reporting mistake on our part, and for that we apologize.

  23. Ryan, thanks for the explanation. Personally I am far from being satisfied – I log into my account now and I still see strange happenings – you report an exchange ad as being already live on this site but it is not – I still have Code gobbler instead. The list of mysteries could go on. I strongly suggest you fix your back-end and release with a formal apology to everyone who’s been affected. As for myself, as I promised, I am out of your network at the end of the month.

  24. Mihaela,
    While I’ve not looked at the backend since reading your comment, couldn’t it be that Code Gobbler *is* the exchange ad?

    By the way, I had an ad ordered on your site. It should show in 24 hours from the purchase.

    Our experience has been that the sites which position their ads well, and which result in conversions, are the ones that get renewed.

    We’re sorry to see you leave. If there’s anything we can do to convince you to stay, please get in touch.


  25. Ryan, thanks for responding to that, but that’s really only the tip of the iceberg. The issue I’m still having is I was signing up people way over a month ago, sometime in July. Where’s that money? I’m not the only one as you can see Turnip’s comment above.

  26. Ryan, please read the whole article and understand the points. No, it is not Code gobbler – I am not blind and I usually don’ make statements without proofing. I think it is pointless to make screenshots of the CP for every little issue you have. Your back end is screwed up – it happens. The best you can do is to fix it.

    On the other hand, you cannot make the exchange ads appear as “bookings” in the reports. Of course the users get confused. Make a clear distinction between exchange ads and bookings.

    And yes, I saw that I magically have a real booked ad in my account. I really wonder why.

  27. Stan, let me address the affiliate issues:

    They are compounded by a number of factors.

    First, our developer built in a $50 default minimum payout and was going to make this user definable, but it got put on the backburner among the myriad of other development issues that seemed more important over the last month.

    This week, our developer has it on his schedule to set the minimum default payout to $10 and to make this user definable in the account settings.

    Second, in order to prevent fraud and do a proper audit, we put a 30 day delay into publisher affiliate payouts. This allows us to track suspicious usage patterns more effectively.

    Third, while we are not willing to disclose the specifics because of the potential of abuse (just as Google does not disclose the specifics of it’s click-fraud algorithm) we have mechanisms in place to ensure the quality of signups under the affiliate program. If a publisher is signing up simply to earn the affiliate an extra $10 we are able to reliably detect this and do not count the referral in such cases.

    At the end of the day, I admit that we made some mistakes. Chief among these mistakes was a lack of transparency both in reporting and clearly informing users of how the system works.

    These issues are being addressed as we speak and I do apologize for any confusion.

  28. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the critical feedback. It is very helpful to us moving forward and I’m committed to rectifying these concerns going forward.

    We are not going to pretend that PerformancingAds has not been plagued by a lack of transparency and communication and by an overwhelmed customer service. As with any organization, in our first month or so of operation, we were forced to adapt quickly to live dynamics despite months of BETA testing. Most of our time was committed to making it easier for advertisers to find good sites to advertise on.

    In the meantime, we neglected to provide crystal clear reporting and made the critical (but not intentional) mistake of overlooking the minimum payout threshold we had set early in development.

    Once these issues are addressed, and they should be fixed within the week, we are confident that most of the confusion will be cleared up as well.

    One last note: we’ve done thorough testing of affiliate click tracking both before and after reading this blog post. We are 100% confident that it is properly tracking all clicks. The fact that you only got 8 clicks from 8,000 visitors probably has more to do with type of traffic that was visiting your site (social media traffic does not click on ads) and placement.

    If you are genuinely interested in the truth, then I suggest you run a click through test with some other ad system, in the exact same position, with similar traffic sources. I predict that you’d get very similar click through results.

  29. Ryan, all the clarification points you make here (addressed to Stan) should be also clear on the site, at least in the FAQ section.

    About the 8000 visitors: would you be so kind to check the blog? You’ll notice there that I do have crazyegg installed – which shows me a pretty clear heatmap with all the clicks. Social media traffic does click on ads if the ads are so “tempting” as “Make money with your blog”

    I make enough money with the google adsense program running on that site – real clicks not only page loads – to justify keeping AdSense – and if you take a look you’ll see that Google AdSense is placed UNDER performancing ads. Also: the script had from you on does not display ads anymore. Look at the page source and you’ll see that the code has not been altered.

    If you look at my professional background you’ll probably understand that you are not dealing with someone who doesn’t understand advertising. The very reason why I joined PerformancingAds was to test the program BEFORE recommending it to my clients. I tested it first as a blogger, and the follow up was to test it as an advertiser. This will probably happen when you guys announce that all the back end problems have been solved.

    Ryan, I understand startups – this is what I do for a living as a matter of fact: I work with startup companies, helping them launch, build good will and so on.
    You are lucky to get this type of review here. What would happen if Techcrunch or other such high authority blog would notice the problems you have? Do you realize the type of negative influence they might have on your potential customers and on your business?

    I think is admirable that you tried to clarify all these issues. It would be better to put the program on hold till your developer fixes the bugs. You are dealing with money and that’s the most dangerous aspect of your business.

  30. “Second, in order to prevent fraud and do a proper audit, we put a 30 day delay into publisher affiliate payouts. This allows us to track suspicious usage patterns more effectively.”

    I have 40 joins beginning July 29th and 23 total bookings. So we are talking 44 days now of being over the $50 limit, 2 weeks more than 30 days. Is that coding broken too, the waiting period more than 30 days, or you are simply not paying publishers? I would like to inform all the people who signed up under my website what to do. Please give me a proper answer.

  31. I’m willing to overlook these snafus, since I don’t run a blog that comments on these types of things (I do fantasy baseball). If I did run a site where I recommended MMO, I wouldn’t recommend your system as is, because of things Mihaela just pointed out. This stuff should be cleared up on your site, not in the comments for some random blog I just found on Google (no offense, Mihaela Lica).

    Mihaela Lica, thanks for letting us address this up on your blog.

  32. Stan, I am glad you found my blog anywhere :) and I am glad it at least gave you a platform where to find some answers.

    I do not run a site that recommends MMO either, as you see – I do however try to address some online issues that affect people who try to make money online – whether my clients or simple bloggers, whoever needs help can always contact me and if it is something I can review and I can answer, I will (naturally as time allows).

    Your blog is an income resource I presume, and any service that lacks transparency will hurt your efforts to monetize your work. People from Performancing should understand how such practices hurt both the publishers and the advertisers. From my point of view right now Performancing runs a faulty system that could easily end up in a court of law.

  33. Yeah it’s Tuff to Find Ad Systems that truly create a Win/Win situation especially for the Blogger! I do give Props to Ryan for owning up + addressing the problems – Web2.0 at it’s Finest!!

    I’d yak more but I’m trying to fill my 3X6 Forced Matrix + I’m also expecting a Cheque today wired into my Bank Account from Nigeria according to my Barrister in London!!

    ;)) Peace*

    p.s. Somebody should Invent a legitimate way to Make $$$ Money Quickly + Easily on the Internet!!

  34. Mig, Again – a great heads up article for those confused with pseudo ad-sense companies. As a beta tester of, well more than a few startups – one expects a few bugs here and there. However, bugs in the monetization aspect for affiliates seems fairly lame for anyone desiring a solid platform or network.

    I do not see any reasonable explanation or “fix2 in any of the comments from the Performancing people, except the same old “feedback is GREAT” tactic. I have never been a huge fan of nebulous ad revenue platforms – even Google’s. How is one to truly know what value is remitted for what? Sure, we have “their” tools, but if you think about it, given all the clicks Google has, there could be literally tens of millions of dollars “scraped” off of accounts and no one would be the wiser.

    Until these people come up with viable verification and lose the bugs, who would even give them a chance when Google and other at least pay something? Web 2.0 is supposed to be about transparency to a large degree, and like so many other constructive criticisms, this one has been met with the same old mentality.

    These people have not even taken note of your SEO expertise or it appears, even read the article fully. I for one would like to see a real answer here.


    Your Partner Phil :)

  35. @Billy: what a brilliant observation! Perf. Ads does deserve our kudos for coming up with an “answer” for the problem so fast! :D

    Yeah, someone should come up with a fast and easy MMO solution. Any ideas? I for one cannot think of any way to MM fast and easy… but then again, I am no financial expert…

  36. Phil, at this point in time I trust Google (I cannot believe I am actually writing this!) more than anything else. At least they are smart enough to at least assume that the webmasters actually monitor their stats. Another thing that makes me wonder: how people like Randa Clay can possibly associate themselves with such obscure businesses as PerformancingAds!!!

  37. I must say that I’m surprised that Perf. is not what it seems to be. I saw so many Perf. advertisement in the last days, that it’s a big probability that I would have eventually made an account with them. Your article has made me wonder a little about their system and I will digg in even more to see what others are saying.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for promoting Romania!

    I embrace you,
    Razvan Dobre

  38. I do think ads by google is much better then that. You earn lesser money but google shwos related ads to your blog post and others don’t do that..

  39. So happy to see you here, Razvan. :) I was surprised to see so many flaws in Perf. as well, as you can imagine. I am even more surprised to see their marketing approach. This is something they have to address in time – I am patient, I can wait.

    About promoting our country… this is something I’ll never stop doing.

    An embrace back to you, from the cold Germany. :)


  40. Marco, if you think you make more money with Perf ads… you are in for a big surprise. There are some ways to boost your AdSense payments – (personally I make enough).

    I agree with you, other ad networks don’t show related ads. At least Perf. doesn’t. This is not in the advantage of the publisher.

  41. It does rather smack of multi level marketing. I suppose the lesson here is to pay more attention to the fine print — if there is any. ;-)

  42. I still haven’t received anything and now we’re into October. I can’t imagine we’re the only one with problems. I’m now going to take my pleas to the top bloggers on the internet.

  43. A scam is a scam is a scam. :P

  44. Sorry for jumping in on this right at the end but as of October 1st I have stepped in to run Performancing Ads.

    Everyone SHOULD have been paid now, taking into account what is set in the minimum payment, but if that is not the case then please get in touch through the contact form (linked in this comment) and we will investigate

  45. I take down their code after i read Stan story at
    and now, this post. Thanks for info.
    I’m sure now that PA is S*C*A*M.

  46. @Chris Garrett – the money is not an issue from my point of view, Chris. As you see, I am questioning the transparency and the ethicalness of the service. Most of my questions remain open and even Ryan failed to address them.

  47. I submitted the info that I have not been payed on performancingads last week and I still haven’t received a reply. Just tried to log in to my account and it wouldn’t allow me. When I submit my email for my password it says that my email is invalid. I know it’s valid, I used it every day to check my account.

  48. Waiting to sell the ad spots through PerformancingAds is somehow painful. Unless somebody has an established blog, he’d better focus on their affiliate program which is quite attractive.

  49. Timing on this is perfect well thought out review. Its not negative just honest even if it is not good news. I am in the process of setting up advetising on and forund out about Performingads by seeing their ads on a different site. Checking on them brought me to you and this interesting piece. I guess the one item I would like to see if after how many days are those named spokespersons using this service as their one and only vehicle for ad revenue. No better test then to see if they use what they are preaching.

  50. whether performancingads scams ? ads from performancingads appearing on my blog
    during one a month , at this time I also yet unpaid.

    jhoni’s last blog post..DIGITAL RECORDER PORTABLE


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