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Last year I had a good habit: I used to review “power bloggers” – those people who make a difference in the blogosphere. I featured first Liz Strauss, then Ilker, Jennifer Jones and many others. All these people belong to a special category: that of bloggers with high ethical standards, ready to listen when you need someone to listen, people who carry the dialogue out of the comments box.

In the quest for “hot topics” we often forget the people who make the dialogue possible… and I am ashamed to say: I am guilty. I forgot to pay more attention to the people and less to the technical part of the web. I blogged a little too much about SEO, dos and don’ts of PR, body language and so on, and not enough about bloggers and their dreams. This blog used to be about “unleashing the power of dreams.” The dreamcatcher had a real value… when did I lose that? Or, if I bring it back today, is it really lost?

Meet Jehzeel Laurente

Jeheel Laurente.Jehzeel is a blogger with a powerful voice, and how powerful you can see at Jehzlau Concepts. He comes from the beautiful Philippines and he writes one of the most prominent blogs in this part of the world. A top 100 Philippines blogs classifies his work on position 14. At the middle of 2008 it is hard to still consider accurate a top made in December 2007 – Jehzlau Concepts certainly deserves today a position in the top 5.

Jehzeel started blogging in 2006 and his main topics back then were SEO, Internet marketing and Google related. Today… there’s basically no topic he hasn’t covered, from food to graphic design each entry is a resource. He is one of the few bloggers in the world who turned blogging into a full time job.

In 2006 Jehzeel was not even dreaming about making money with his blog. Today his advice is valued by many who try to expand their ROI. Making money with AdSense is a reality for this blogger, who graciously shares his tips – and from experience I can already tell you that he knows his stuff.

Jehzeel has a few admirable blogger features: sense of humor (see how to increase your number of RSS readers – I am still smiling), an honest approach to internet marketing (all his tips and tutorials are illustrated with screenshots that prove his affirmations), and originality. I think originality is what makes Jehzeel so popular and his voice so strong: he doesn’t pretend to be someone else; his writing style is personal and direct. Frankly, this is the first time I read a blog that is both entertaining and insightful.

What Do We Learn from Jehzeel?

I read an article featuring this 21 years blogger in a printed magazine and the thing that got my attention was his very statement: “Don’t blog just to earn money!

Jehzeel is the proof that value gets rewarded.

To further illustrate my choosing Jehzeel as a power blogger today, I could make a list… But lists are impersonal. So instead… I give you his words, quoted from the magazine article linked in the previous paragraph:

Copying content is evil. Blog even if you think you are not good in writing. Abstain from copying one’s content and pasting it to your blog. Be unique, be original… Always put in your mind that you’ll never learn if you cannot make a mistake. A lot learned from mistakes, a lot learned from failures. Even great scientists committed thousands of mistakes before perfecting their experiment. Always remember that failure is not the enemy of success, it’s a teacher, a very harsh teacher, but the best.

Be honest! Blog about what you think is right…”


  1. I just visited the link about increasing rss subscribers and I see what you mean about his humor. I can’t say I learned anything from that post but can see where he is easy to read. I also could see his average post is pretty information loaded. I would love to read his post about how he gained 200 subscribers in a short period of time. If there is a link to that post please list here. thanks

  2. Hi, thanks for the review :) However, the photograph on your blog is absolutely not me :( Should you consider changing it, pls don’t hesitate to Google my photos available online or you can also grab some of my photos in my flickr account :)


    thanks again :)

  3. Sorry, Jehzeel, I took the picture from the wrong MyBlogLog profile. It’s changed now.

  4. Truer words were never spoken. Jehzeel offers valuable advice.

  5. It’s so great seeing ethical, honest people online who care about others. Jehzeel is an inspiring person who I respect. Another thing I love about the internet is how people, like Jehzeel from the Phillipines, can connect with others anywhere in the world. Thanks for sharing his info.

  6. @Mihaela – heyyy thank you so much :)

  7. jehzeel writes from the heart. :) thats what makes him a winner. :)

  8. Thats very well said in the article. One must not become a blogger to just earn money. And also content copying is evil to my opinion. One must learn to make a good blog and make important informations available to others. Thanks for this good article.

  9. It’s nice to read an advice from of the successful bloggers of today. This guy writes from his heart and I agree with what he said that you don’t need to be a good writer in order to blog. He’s a truly good example to follow.

  10. I think those that are in it just for money do not usually last long. Some do but many quit before any real money comes in because they are not really into the whole blogging circle. The ones like Jehzeel love to blog and it is obvious.
    Thanks for sharing a blogger to read with the rest of us.

  11. Thanks for the tip – looks like he should be a good read. Consider his feed added.

  12. There is no doubt creating ablog with rich information gets the reader to come back again and again. Some bloggers have this talent any mnay think they do but dont.

    I have met a few bloggers also, who do not care about readers, but somehow their style of not caring gets people back also.

    There are so mnay blogs out there, it is the quality of what is written that may make the difference.

  13. It is only now that I have read this post. Well Jehz is a good blogger. I have not met him in person but the way other see him either offline and online he is easy to deal with. And most of all a Filipino Blogger like me.

  14. Good tip, thanks Michaela

  15. My salute to a yet another Filipino touching the world!

  16. ever since kindergarten,this man is trully promising… having unique talents and wide ideas in mind, no wonder he has become what he is right now…
    - from his classmate since kindergarten

  17. Great advice! Inspired me a lot……..THANKS

    Catherine’s last blog post..How to Draw Graffiti Letters Video

  18. Jehzreel is really inspiring. He’s also funny and his posts are easy to read. I”m one of his fans ;)

  19. Nice Helpful tips.Reading from other comments it seems that you are quite popular.Keep up the great work.

    Ashutosh P’s last blog post..What are Keywords

  20. I agree with you. When people start business, no matter what business their have. They should start with the reason why they go to business and money should not become the first reason. Fulfill other people needs is more important. Money will come after that.
    .-= Ruri´s last blog ..Parenting: Which Road Do I Have To Take To Rear A Good Child? =-.


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