A Beautiful Weekend in the Blogosphere

What can I give you this weekend? I always look for blogs to read, but recently I had less time than usual to explore and review the wonders that come from the peoples’ hearts. So today I invite you in a miraculous journey in the blogosphere, with places to see, new people to meet, new flavors and rhythm.

Enjoy a trip in my native country Romania, the country that has it all, even ice under the hot summer sun.

Discover new bright horizons. Let your heart follow your dreams, hope is bright.

Live the life in the fast lane, where the most amazing places and people showcase fantastic worlds.

Learn to be humble, learn how to pray, learn how to write and how to evaluate a true blessing.

Teach your children

Discover a world of epic proportions. Discover God.

Live a healthier life, respecting the environment. Protect nature for your children.

Make some time to see an art gallery. Discover a new artist. Behold the beauty of the world in photographies.

Enjoy an interesting read. Listen to an interesting podcast. Have some fun. Play a game.

Read a love poem

Have a beautiful weekend.

Misty Dream.

Photo courtesy Weirena.


  1. Nice picture but kinda unreal.

  2. Sometimes dreams are made of this … :)

  3. I would like to thanks for your nice picture

  4. You’re welcome. If you follow the link to Weirena’s flickr profile you’ll see many other such wonderful pictures.

  5. Oh dear the trees look so nice and soothing. I have been enjoying blogging very much..

  6. Very pleasing, inspiring and appealing article , i liked it very much and the picture is really wonderful, nice colours.

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