The Weekend Entry: Blogs to Read

It’s been a while since I last wrote the weekend entry. This was a good habit, for at least three important reasons:

  • it brought to your attention interesting blogs you were probably not familiar with;
  • it recognized quality and excellence, giving more than link love and buzz to these blogs: a genuine proof of appreciation;
  • it kept me motivated to search for at least one new blog each day, extending my reading;

Browsing the web.I have to say in the past this has always been a rewarding experience and a real tradition at eWritings. Today I revive this tradition with five excellent blog recommendations.

Virtual Impax is a blog I discovered recently, after Kathy left a comment on my controversial entry “MyBlogLog, What’s Wrong with You?” Her blog has an excellent design, but more importantly, the articles are literally taking the pulse of the Web. Kathy focuses on blogging advice and content quality, but also on what new trends might impact your web presence in general. Her most recent entry reveals how Alexa’s algorithm change will affect sites that accept paid reviews and a lot more.

Newmediatype is an online business and marketing blog by Lex G a very talented webtrepreneur from Netherlands. Lex doesn’t post as often as I’d like, but the absence of quantity is compensated through quality. You’ll see that all posts are exceptionally well structured, nothing is left to chance and you’ll really know that the man knows his business. Read for example his first impressions on WordPress 2.5.

A very good resource for PR professionals and for all those interested in online public relations is Naked PR. Jennifern Mattern blogs exclusively about public relations, so don’t expect a “soft touch” and easy readings. There are some fun entries though, like Top Ten Reasons Why Facebook Sucks.

I am sure you are all familiar with Search Engine Journal, but I have to add it to the list, because the site is professional and it publishes interesting, quality articles every day. This is one of the advantages of having a multi-author blog. For example, today we read that Google Likes Working With Yahoo – nothing new for professional SEOs, but interesting news for those less familiar with what happens behind the scenes in the search engines world.

Now relax, take a cup of hot chocolate and follow this link to Mixed Metaphor. Jenn’s blog is one of those oasis where creative writing and graphic beauty intertwine to create harmony – a magic world where you will want to return.


  1. Wowie, girly, this blog looks fantastic! As you may or may not know, I traveled here via Google Reader where this blog is convenient to get to, I can fly here lickety split. It’s easy keeping up with you that way. ~:o)
    As usual, I enjoyed reading the post and am on my way to the suggested blogs, too, just in case you were wondering if I actually read the post’s contents. :P


  2. I enjoyed discovering NewMediaType. Thanks for sharing these links.

  3. He he, MA… be ready for a surprise for your new blog too – I am working on that. :) I am glad you like this new layout.

    As for the other blogs, I bet you’ll really enjoy the last one.

    @Yvonne – yes, he is quite brilliant. :)

  4. Thanks – as someone who has been working on improving her social networking profile, the “Top Ten Reasons Facebook Sucks” is great. And thank you for finding Mixed Metaphor. I spend so much time reading profession-related blogs and sites that I forget to seek the creative and diversionary. There for awhile everything was marketing-exposure-lolcats.

  5. I’m ready, willing, and able, youngun but please don’t “over do it” timewise, k? I’ll be turning into a neurotic old nag until that growing seed pops, yanno. The website can wait. Heck, it’s mine for the rest of my natural born days, anyway. I have the closed blogs where I’ve been writing. They’re safe there.

    I’m anxiously waiting to see it, though. It will be a wonderful surprise especially with the fond memories I’ll have to go along with it. I can hardly wait, but first, reread the first paragraph’s overall message.


  6. Mig,

    Thanks for mentioning me in your post. It’s always a great thing to read that quality bloggers such as yourself can enjoy my humble little blog ?

    It means a lot to me ;)

    Lex G

  7. No I did not know about Search Engine Journal so you see it is a good thing you included it. Saw you on blogcatalog.

  8. Great list! (I love the blog remake too!)

    I can see that while I’ve been busy getting sick, you’ve been busy posting.

    I’m definitely going to look into these!

  9. Laura, I am sad to hear you are getting sick. I hope it is nothing serious. You take it easy for a while, girl. I was almost offline for over 2 months now, reading only my emails every now and again, because I was not feeling well either – and because… some things are more important than blogging.
    I am glad you like the new look. :) I took your advice to be myself.

  10. Lex, I am happy I put a smile on your face and I hope this mention will inspire you to post more often. We are now watching you. ;)

  11. MA, patience is a virtue. I am almost done, girl.

    I read you loud and clear on the first paragraph, don’t you worry. My advice is that you ignore the darkness and step into the light. There’ll always be some evil in this world, but your words can fight it.

  12. Sandy and Daille, welcome to eWritings. I am happy you found here something of interest. Come back sometimes, I’ll try to keep the site “fresh.”

  13. Girly, she’s absolutely stunning! Thank you, Sweetheart. We’ll catch up later and I forgot to share with you that you are indeed correct about me liking “Mixed Metaphor.” It’s in my reader so that I can keep up with the updates on it.


  14. Send me an email, MA – I’ll be more offline this weekend, preparing for the Orthodox Easter. :) Love ya!


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