Some Bloggers Still Fail to Understand…

… that when you adopt a personal writing style (like me talking to YOU), you have to have the courtesy to reply to comments. You have to take your time and give an answer and you have to make that answer relevant and personal too.

The you comment I reply movement is no longer a new phenomenon, although it started only this year, on June 30. But everything in the blogosphere happens at a fast pace. Trends are summer showers. Not this one though. It shouldn’t be a trend. It should be a mark of blogging ethic.

Join the You Comment I Reply Movement.You don’t need to display the artwork on your site to show your respect for the audience. Your actions should speak louder.

The principle is quit simple. The moment you choose writing in a personal style you write for an audience. And when you expect the audience to listen to you, you need to listen to your audience. No matter how busy and important you are. You have to do your job right. You have to do what you are paid for!

Oh, yes! When a visitor spends time on your blog, clicking on your ads, reading your texts, she is paying you. The visitor spends valuable time on your pages. She probably leaves richer with a few thoughts and she enjoys all the benefits of the “free content” you wrote for your audience. But that’s not enough.

That visitors give you more than you imagine: time, traffic boosts, clicks on your ads, then, if what you write is really valuable, links back, bookmarks, word of mouth. One visitor can mean the difference between success and failure.

Let’s set things clear once and for all: you’d be NOTHING without your audience. A lonely performer, singing under the shower when there’s no one around. You probably have the voice of a Pavarotti, but who cares?

If you use this wonderful voice to entertain, instead of singing for the water, what do you do when you hear the first clapping hands? You smile, give a thank you bow, and sing again? And the audience? They talk about you, spreading the word about how great you are. Act like a self-sufficient bastard and no matter how great your voice is no one will come to listen again. Got that?


  1. Sing it, Sistah!
    You’ve got it happening especially with regard to topic.


  2. Hey, you are back! I missed your visits at eWritings. So happy to see you. :)
    Hugs back.

  3. Hi Mihaela, thanks so much for supporting iReply. It’s people like you that make blogging an enriching experience for all involved. :)

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, Mig.
    Did I go somewhere? ~:o)
    Missed you too, Dearie.

  5. Hi Mark. You had a great idea initializing this movement. Through you many bloggers learned a valuable lesson. I am grateful for this. :)

  6. No, Saboma, you were always around. Just not so often on this particular blog. And this is where my heart sings. ;)

  7. I have you in my reader, Mig. I promise that I don’t miss a note whenever you’re singing here.
    I just get distracted with the multi-tasking that I do but I promise you now as I’ve promised many others beforehand, I don’t miss a beat— Factoid.
    You can take it to the bank; it won’t ever bounce.

  8. That is the kindest thing ever! You made my heart sing even more… :)

  9. I admit I do not always respond enough to comments. I try to though.
    I think there is no point in allowing comments and not responding to them. It is like starting a conversation and running away half way through it.

  10. This is a very interesting comparison. I wonder how many we still can come up with. I’ve done my part, you’ve done yours… let’s see what comes next.

  11. Keep singing, Girlfriend. You’re voice is strong. Vocalees are in order when doing a big show, as you may or may not know. Besides, the music is comforting.
    The audience here is a large one. Moreover, it has an even greater following. You’ll see.
    Just keep on singing your music. The rest will naturally happen. That’s the best kind, too!

  12. My dear dear friend. The most important is that I have the right kind of audience. I write for people like you! You’ll never believe it, but even my clients are warm and kind, just like my readers. I think it’s something about this blog that put me on the path to meeting my destiny. Quite interesting.

  13. “I think it’s something about this blog that put me on the path to meeting my destiny”

    You got it, Toyota. Now you’re smoking!
    Build it, they will come. [Fields of Dreams]

  14. I do love you, you know that? Move on to the next thread. That’s something that makes your heart sing too!

  15. Hi Mihaela,

    They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I was your student today. Thanks for teaching me a great lesson.


  16. Hi Clay,

    Thank you for the nice words. :) I am sure you knew about this already, but if you didn’t it gives me great pleasure to know that you left my website richer.


  17. An excellent post, Mig, and I couldn’t agree more.

    When someone spends their valuable time, leaving me their thoughts and adding to my site content, it’s the very least I can do to acknowledge them, and type a reply.

    Sure it takes time, but it’s common courtesy, and should never be over-looked.

  18. Off-topic, I know how you use WordPress to power your blog, but wonder why you don’t use the ‘subscribe to comments’ plugin.

    I certainly check that box to be notified of follow-up comments.

  19. Actually that’s a good idea I’ve been contemplating for a while but never had the actual time to download it, upload it… you know. So I guess I will do it right now, to make sure I don’t waste another minute. :)

    BTW, I know you do answer your comments. This is what makes you a successful blogger (among many many other things!)

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