Heal the World: Blog Action Day

It happened Monday, October the 15th. Bloggers from all around the world united their voices in an effort to raise awareness on a sad reality: our world, the very Earth that bears the burden of so many footsteps, is sick. Sick, sad, suffering.

I wonder what was I doing on Monday? Why wasn’t I aware of the action? It took a visit to Profy to see that people do blog about other things than how to make money online and what hot-gigs appeared to make our entertainment even more entertaining.

Then I stopped for a moment to think. One day blog action? Like, what on Earth are we doing the rest of the year? Yeah! What on Earth!

So I went browsing some of the entries I could find. And I read stories that “commemorate” the day (was there nothing to celebrate?), stories that praise the “first blog based companies that join the event” (So it was not about the Earth, was it? It was about you!), stories that instead of celebrating life and the Earth were really all marketing bluff. Great! Another campaign that allowed the so-called authority blogs display their glory and their coolness. Heck, one even asks “What If Akismet Could Save Our Trees?” Yet another link-bait in disguise, but what do you expect?

But these are just the big players. Those “cool” gurus we all look up to, those people who never really bother to answer your comments and never really care. And I will not name them, because you already know who they are.

I prefer to thank the little people for their small actions that made this day truly great.

Missy teaches you how to recycle your computer over at the groovy vegetarian. She doesn’t need to pretend. It is pretty clear from the contents of her blog that she cares about the environment, that her life is not about a one day blog action, but about a year, and another, and another. Sure, if you don’t have blogs focused on this theme it is more difficult to show that you care. But even a business blog could do better than just link baiting.

There is no entry at the Goodness Graciousness on October the 15th, but Jen is dedicated to the Earth and the environment for as long as I can remember her. Jen designs environmental friendly bags – her way to make a difference.

Then we have Cindy who wrote Blog Action Day – Crafting with Recycled Materials – but then again Cindy’s blog is about Recycled bags!

And we also have my personal favorite: The Simple Secret to Making a Greener World. Chris really put effort into this entry. Beautiful pictures illustrate the main ideas; the story flows smooth, but passionately. The whole blog is focused on environment and living a better, healthier life. Why am I not surprised that the best entries come from people dedicated to the environment?

Now, I am no environmentalist. I do my recycling all right, and I try my best not to pollute (I bet smoking counts, so I’ll have to quit). But I am not hypocrite either. So we have the Blog Action Day, and instead of writing about something that really matters we go on rambling about Akismet and what cool companies we have. Perfect. That really makes a difference.

So let’s finish this entry in perfect glory, shall we? It’s clear, there is an end for all forms of life, and the Earth is one of them. The sad part is that we contribute to its death. But in the meanwhile, we get news about ‘Second Earth’ found, 20 light years away. So the ones that always say: “so the Earth is dying and it is not my fault”, have a reason to breathe.


  1. Bravo MIG – We all need to do and be more. We can be so much more. Always, Phil

  2. yes it’s a shame when the meaning behind the action gets lost…..Mihaela
    I think we can all find something close to home to be passionate about especially when it comes to our planet…..

  3. You both are passionate about our planet. I know it already. Reading your entries was a rare inspiration and I thank you for that. :)

  4. Thank you for your kind comments about our piece, “The Simple Secret to Making a Greener World.” Blog Action Day was a wonderful event, and seeing the participation of so many great sites which don’t normally focus on the environment is tremendously heartening.

  5. I should be thanking you, Chris. Your blog is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen recently, and I do browse a lot!

  6. Hey, i just found this.

    Thanxs soooooo much for your reference to me and my blog, its nice to see others are noticing my small blog. Blog Action Day this year, was right up my alley, as it dealt with the topic of the environment, as you yourself stated, i pretty much write about this on a regular semi-daily basis. When it comes to green and eco friendly living, there is no shortage of material that is for sure.

    My piece on recycling computers was received well, and i hope it shed a tiny bit of light on the problem. There are alot of options available to us now to recycle, so might as well get on board, and atleast try it.

    Thanxs again for your kind words, Happy Thursday!


  7. You’re welcome, Missy. As a matter of fact, I am glad I found your blog through this action day too. There’s a lot of good there. Keep it up.

  8. I just found your page…and the pages of other environment friendly people.. thanks to this action day… so I don’t really care if some of those out there are missing the point…there is still hope…from the “little people with their small actions”…

  9. It’s nice to know that people are being taught about green building to be able to become aware of the benefit of utilizing nature without damaging it. We must have balance between population explosion and the growth of of our natural resources.
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Energy Savings In Your Home Over Time =-.

  10. Really loved your post. Green planet is the thought for sure, very much necessary with so much of pollution all around. Eco friendly :)

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