Cap Sud Dexia

Cap Sud Dexia is a financial product but it is also a keyword phrase that shows today just 108,000 results in It also happens to be an SEO challenge for me. I plan to beat the site that ranks now at nr. 1 for this keyword phrase.

Dexia Logo.That is Chateau Sud and if you need more information about Cap Sud (which is a type of credit offered by Dexia in France and Monaco), feel free to visit their website. The only thing is that you need to speak Dutch to understand the content of the page about the credit in question. I was unable to find information about this credit from Dexia itself, probably because the bank has a poorly optimized site or probably because they do not want to target this phrase as it refers to an area restricted financial product. A search on their official site is pointless too.

So, because I couldn’t find enough information from Dexia and since I do not speak Dutch, I can only assume that Cap Sud is a product designed to help people from Belgium and Netherlands, France and Monaco and probably other countries in the region, buy homes. I assume Cap Sud is a mortgage of a kind, a credit or financing for home buyers. I have no idea what makes this credit so special and I have no plans in even applying for one. I am even afraid to apply for a credit to buy a car. But enough about me. This is about ranking on nr. 1 for Cap Sud Dexia.

Why do I play this game today? Well, I already proved a point about a stuttering fish. Why not doing the same about Cap Sud Dexia? Overture shows no results for this phrase. Google AdWords keyword selector tool doesn’t even recommend it. So why bother, you might ask. To prove a point.

It is hard to prove it to clients who are not SEO savvy what search engine optimization is all about. When you have a few returning results for a certain keyword phrase in Google, chances are that any competitor can take away your prize (being number 1) with better content and better keyword density. Add to that some SEO fine-tuning and voilà!: you get eWritings on number one for a keyword phrase almost no one cares about. Have I mentioned that this specific phrase is in not way related to the content of my blog? OK, if you consider the SEO aspect of this entry, than yes, it has Cap Sud Dexia written all over it!

Don’t be proud to rank in Google for a keyword phrase nobody searches for. Target competitive keywords, profitable keywords, those keywords that bring you ready to pay customers. If you happen to rank for less competitive keywords too, good for you! But don’t think you’ve reached the impossible and that Google is playing your game. When no one else in the world targets Cap Sud Dexia or any other keyword phrase with little to no competition, there’s nothing easier than ranking high in Google.

Now, I already know where this post will rank in Google, the only question is how fast. Let’s wait and see, shall we?

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UPDATE: It really needed a few hours. Posted this midday and now… see for yourself.


  1. I hope you had a great birthday yesterday:)


  2. Yes… you made it great :) Love you too!

  3. This is a great primer on the misconceptions of SEO as understood by most people. Ranking at number one is rather a simple for any given phrase – especially an unusually one. I discovered this when an old gentleman asked me to help his Web site some time back. I fixed his HTML a little and worked on the keywords etc. By chance he typed in a query that was rather unique and mailed me immediately to say he was so happy he was number 2 on Google. :)

    If you type in “Phil Butler” with Google, I think I am between numbers one and four depending on what the comic in England of the same name has done. The point is, who is looking for Phil Butler on Google? More appropriately to this great article by MIG, who is going to ask: “Who is the blogger Phil Butler who wrote this or that to get 10 hits on the blogger? (I gotta be number one there)

    This bank or whatever should be more concerned with being number 3 all the time with a search for a bank in the Netherlands, than with some obscure query that no one on the planet would come up with logically. My friend with the Web sight did not understand this and he is now selling shoes. I am no expert at SEO and am not overly fond of most companies that game the system, but I know MIG has the right approach and philosophy in regard to helping sites stay in contention. A great example of how not to conduct an SEO campaign MIG – sometimes proving things is necessary in order to help people.

    BTW Happy Birthday Gal! It is mine tomorrow :)
    Always, Phil

  4. Let’s see… You are doing fine in – place 6 with profy, 7 with read/write web…. (which is a surprise, considering that W/R has more authority than profy, but the ways of Google are not the ways of man…)
    Then you are nr. 1 for blogger Phil Butler with your own Unconfusion which is a fine result, but as you said… pretty exact.
    Now, there is a difference between sites like profy and sites like Chateau Sud. First of all, profy doesn’t rely on Google for its traffic. It relies on the community and the sources of traffic vary from digg hits, to stumble, technoraty, mybloglog, feed readers and other bookmarks. Chateau Sud has no blog and that’s why it should optimize the site and not rely solely on a page title.
    Happy Birthday to you too. I’ll be there to congratulate you tomorrow.

  5. nice read :)

  6. I read that you would like to beat my ranking with the cahteauSud page about Cap Sud.

    Feel free to do so, I’m just in real estate and not in SEO like you. I made the website myself without any help. May be I can teach you?



  7. Dirk, you don’t even want o get me started about the design. The design is one of the very reasons why any competitor can beat you.

    As for your rankings, I already proved my point. I am number one for “Cap Sud Dexia” in

    Instead of the ha ha ha, maybe you should listen to what I was trying to tell you. It was, after all, free advice. I was trying to help you, by using the most irrelevant keyword phrase, because I didn’t want to hurt your site. You should realize that if I can do it anyone can. Because I am not in real estate, my presence in the search engines for that phrase doesn’t even matter. Plus, I know that you got traffic from eWritings already – I know where my visitors click.


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