I Challenge You! Is There Life After Internet?

I had to share. Today, my dear friend Thomas sent me an email. It said: “funny video.” And it was funny. Up to a point. Up to that scary “what if” point. The video needs no further comments. I just ramble a bit for SEO purposes. LOL!

Honestly: I live online. What if this really happens? What are we going to do? Any answers?


  1. Unfortunately, I am at work and cannot see the video. But I can try to imagine life without internet. It would really suck big time in the beginning. And it would continue to suck as I loose contact with people living far away from me. Yes, there is life after…But I prefer this one, as I am online 90% of my awake time (work would really be a real pain without the internet…)!

  2. Yes, it would affect us at all levels: professional and personal. I have so many friends online, and my job is Internet related too… I shop online… watch TV online, listen to my favourite music at batanga (Latino radio) and so on… J! What a scary scenario!

  3. I though we human are very adaptive. We will adjesut no new realities that are presented to us after the Internet. No?

  4. Yes, I suppose you are right. But to lose a “fine art”…

  5. I just realized that I am an international terrorist. It is all vista’s fault – it is just too easy to open up more – and more – and more windows while working for 2 different companies.

  6. OK, you’ve made my day! LOL! So we are a bunch of terrorists, aren’t we?

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