Let’s Share A Dream

Living without a dream mean living an empty life. And I am not talking about those dreams we have at night, when light embraces the other side of the world. I am talking about those dreams made of hopes and ideals: those dreams that keep us going every day, the dreams that motivate our actions. Some call such dreams “goals.” And we all have goals. We have career goals and private goals. Then we have more important goals, like making the world a better place.

Jen calls such goals visions to heal the world. And her blog is one of the clearest examples of how to make this dream come true.

You know, some people go all negative about dreams and ideals. They lack hope and they lack vision too. They live their lives in an all-negative state of mind, and speak up against those who try to do something to change the world. They call themselves realists. What can be more painful than meeting a realist who doesn’t believe in his/her own dreams and is also trying to kill yours?

So to heal the world, we need to learn the real meaning of tolerance. And live accordingly. Tolerance means understanding and accepting the values of other people, respecting them. To heal the world we have to refrain from stepping with heavy boots over kindness and dreams.

This is my answer to Jen’s meme, the woman who spread stardust over my hopes and made them grow. The woman who healed my soul more than once. The woman who really makes a difference. See? It is possible.

I challenge you to share a dream. It doesn’t have to be a dream to change the world. It could be a dream to change your own life, a simple dream to complete you as a human being. Anything.

Just close your eyes and imagine: you publish a book and become a renowned author. Or you create a masterpiece in marble. Maybe you invent a gear that will change the lives of many? What is your final purpose in life? What do you want to leave behind? Let’s share these dreams. Maybe we could help each other achieve them? With a good word of support or a kind advice.

My dream is my book. I am working on it right now. I hope to finish it one day and leave it behind: my gift to the next generations, my gift to the world.

What about you? Have you accomplished your highest dreams? Or have you just started the journey?

What about a writing group project? We share our dreams and we create bridges between these dreams. Let’s use the power of the Web to dream together…

Update:Alina Popescu is ready to Share a Dream or Two and her vision will heal a wound in a special part of the world… Are you ready to join her dream?


  1. Mig…what a beautiful post. I have several life dreams or life goals, two that I consider ‘doable’ and one that I’m not sure how to make come true because it goes against all logic and seems so unrealistic in a purely rational sense. I feel that it’s meant to be, though, and if it is, it WILL come true, no matter what the odds against it. A group writing project would be a great way to express our dreams and let others encourage us to achieve them.

  2. Ahhh MIg,

    Thank you so much for your kind words!

    You are certainly a bright and sparkly light in this world!

    Your support and encouragment and example of living one’s dreams is inspirational and motivational! :-)

    Sending lots of love to you!


  3. Michi, I can hardly wait to read your entry about this and know your dream. :)

  4. Lots of love to you too, my Truthdancer! It’s wonderful when people dream together.

  5. Very beautiful post! I am sure your dream will come true sooner than expected :)

    BTW, my tag is already completed.

  6. Hm… then share the link with us! I can hardly wait to “see” your dream!

  7. This is a very pretty, well-worded post. This should be an interesting group writing project.

  8. I’ve never worked so hard for my dreams…never give up…always follow your dreams!!!


  9. nice post – i love Dreaming – sometimes my dreams are really vivid & realistic yet far out c0ol*



  10. A very good and thought provoking post Mig. Makes one to take a deep look inside. Trying to wake up the hidden self.

  11. Hi Mig, thank you for everything! You are great, as always, and ready to get involved in any meaningful cause. I do hope to be more like you and jump in whenever I can help!

  12. Thank you for this reminder to take a deep look into life and really start thinking ahead. I needed to read this post today. It is extremely true and important to believe. Dreams are the precursor to great things and I think that we all should stop and figure out what our dreams our. This was a wonerful post. Thank you.


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