The SEO Book for WordPress Blogs

I finally found the time to start this project today. Therefore I think, by the end of the next week, if nothing else comes in between, you’ll all be able to download it and use it to maximize search engines exposure for your wordpress blogs, in a professional, ethical manner.

The ebook is free for all and I plan to write it in the most comprehensible manner. But since I am not a native English speaker, I’d like to ask for your help. Who’d like to proofread the book? Before publishing it online, I’d like to have a correct text. Because this is not just a blog entry. It is something that will bring benefits for all the SEO novices and for all the WHAMs and stay at home workers.

I know you are busy bees, but maybe one of you girls will find a bit of time to correct my errors. I’ll find a way to recompense your work – sadly I have no funds for this project. I invest time and knowledge in it and my reward will be the success of the ones who will see themselves in higher rankings in the SERPs.

So, what do you say, girls? Can I count on one of you?

On another note: I’ll probably don’t have the time to post each day next week – because I’d really like to finish the ebook soon and I have a few offline PR projects as well. But I’ll come back here to read and answer to your comments. So don’t be shy! Talk to me. :)

UPDATE: It’s ready. Anyone would like to proofread? 


  1. Mihaela,

    Where is your e-book?

    How long is it?

  2. About 20 pages – big fonts + plenty of pictures :)

  3. You give so much, Mig. I’ll be glad to do a small part by proofreading the e-book for you. If you have more than one writer willing to do so … two heads are better than one.

  4. Tomorrow’s my busy day, but I can make time to take a look at it if it is not a rush.

  5. :) That’s so cool! Thank you, Lillie and Laura.
    There’s no rush, really not.
    I know both of you are really busy and I really apreciate your efforts.

    I’ll send the book to Lillie first to give Laura time today. :)


  6. Hi Mig

    I would be very happy to lend a hand if you feel I can be of any help. If you have it all sorted, please feel free to ask me for your next ebook. :)


  7. I can do something for you next weekend, but on reading this more carefully, I notice you would like it finished by then. If that is too late, the offer still stands for your next ebook, as I’m sure this will be just the first of many. :)

  8. MIg, I am not a native speaker. But I do write/proofread all materials in English in my company :) So I’d be more than happy to help out :) Besides, you should use my expert command of track changes and inserting comments :D

  9. I was going to offer, but it sounds like you already have two wonderful proofreaders. If you’d still like an extra set of eyes, I’m available.

  10. I’d like to thank everyone for offering to help. You are amazing friends!

    Lillie finished proofreading the book and I’ll publish the link to the free pdf download later on today. :)


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