The Weekend Read: Blog Design Trends

When you browse the blogosphere as intense as I do, you have enough chances to find blogs of note and you learn about what makes the readers tick, you learn that there’s more to a blog than just words, you get to know the bloggers and their readers, you understand their connection, you feel the beat of their hearts, you live in the same world…

So I’ve decided to continue the How to Be a Successful Blogger: Learning From the Best series, especially since I notice that there is a need for such articles.

A special thank you to Personal Blog Income for the kind mention of my article and for adding persistence to that list. Persistence is indeed one of the most important traits of a successful blogger. I cannot believe I forgot to mention that. This is what makes the blogosphere and blogging special: there’s always room for improvements, there’s always someone who completes your thoughts and ads value to your work and there are always bloggers who make us think and provoke us to continue the conversation.

Take Lisa Vella’s 15 Great Reasons to Read More! for example. She challenged us, her readers, and she managed to put up together a great list of… reasons to read more. In the end she’s got 23 reasons to read more. I challenge you now to visit her site and make your contribution. Let’s make that list a Top 100 Reasons to Read More! And now let’s dig into today’s topic.

The Girlie Blog Design

Undoubtedly this is a trend. The girlie blog templates have something in common: a special kind of retro illustration! Some of the bloggers are also designers and I have reasons to believe they are inspired by a range of retro styles of the 40’s through the ‘70’s. These digital creations combine different effects, created mostly in Photoshop or Illustrator (especially the vector based designs). I call them “girlie templates” because they are used exclusively by women and these women are usually WHAMs.

Let’s start with the Impatient Blogger Margot Potter. An extraordinary woman. I discovered her long before her entry on the Quasi Fictional Fine Art of Blogging, and even planned to feature her sites as “must reads” but I had to wait to complete a series. As you know, my weekend recommendations follow a certain pattern. Sometimes I talk about art, at times I give you blogs that trigger our deepest feelings (essays, poetry, etc). Margot uses her blog to promote her books and her beading. She’s not only an impatient beader. She’s an excellent writer. Do visit her site and let me know what you think.

Now, if we move to the next blog, we’ll notice a similarity in design. Take a look at the header and you’ll notice a retro illustration. That’s what makes this blog fit into the girlie blog template category. But the blog is, as the header implies, a resource for all home office women. Doris writes about anything you need to run a successful home-based business: from how to set up your home working space to when is blogging a waste of time (I’d say never, but I have to get back on this with a future entry to prove my point.)

Mom Gadget is as girlie as the rest… and yes, it’s got tons of quality content. The owner Gayla McCord is savvy enough to be your best choice for blog consulting. She’s got it all: talent, writing skills, a branded name and the passion to bring all professional bloggers together.

And take a look at the pinky layout of the New Maria. This blog is dedicated to all the Filipino women who like arts and literature. It’s an interesting idea to invite bloggers from the same country to contribute at your site. It gives a certain “indigenous” feeling. You get to know the soul of the Filipino women and learn enough about their culture. A must read. They are fascinating.

Then meet A Girl and Her Life for another girlie template and a very interesting personal blog.

What about KiaNah’s site? Do you remember it? She is a designer and if you like the girlie style, she’s the one for you. You could even download one of her templates here.

You are not girlie enough if you don’t visit this site and check out a few designs. Notice any similarity? Yes, they are quite girlie and pink. Pink is running the female world. It’s a profoundly positive color proven to be successful even for general audience brands. Take a look at T-Mobile – OK, this is not really pink, but you get my point.

And now… to share a little secret. Even my new layout is based on a girlie theme. This layout from Ultimate Cosmetics looked strong enough to serve my purpose and give you a good visual experience. I had problems with this theme, because, although they state it is valid XHTML, it is not. I had to correct the code, but thank my SEO and coding experience this was not a problem.

Did you enjoy the list? Are there any other girlie sites you’d like to mention? Feel free to submit them in your comments. There are no “nofollow” links at eWritings!

Update: I’ve just noticed that Dari Donovan has changed her template on Charmed & Dangerous. A new girlie design to add to my list. :) She’s using a girlie design for her Diva Dinner too. Yummy!


  1. Geek Who? We seem to be living in women’s world. Excellent collection. Thanks Mig for bringing them all up.

  2. Sure we do… they are the very spring of life. :)

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