Google All Mighty

What? Don’t you want to know? I’ll tell you anyway. Get your coffee, tea or beer, grab some snacks (or a large chocolate bar, Yvonne) and prepare to read and be amazed, be very, very amazed (to paraphrase the “be afraid, be very, very afraid” quote). At the end of this article you’ll have the freedom to decide whether you go on loving or hating Google, but you’ll also have a few new things to go home with and use wisely for the benefit of your own business.

Do we need statistics to tell us that users trust Google more than any other search engine? Do we need to look again at our web stats to know that Google sends to our websites an important percentage of the daily traffic? Do you expect me to analyze such topics just because I have a passion for SEO and a passion to ramble? If that’s what you look for, this is the wrong place.

I will not talk about Google as a search engine today. I will talk about “Google All Mighty”.

“We have some people at Google (who) are really trying to build artificial intelligence and to do it on a large scale,”

said Google’s Larry Page somewhere in the middle of February. And I believe they are perfectly able to do it. This makes me also believe that Larry is hunting for a Nobel. Go for it, boys! Show us what you’ve got! Strike one! – And I stop counting because we have a long way to go.

Google is currently developing software for a new type of mobile phone. This is a controversial topic, with enough rumors to give you a reason to blog about it daily. I bet that we’ll all end up using a Google phone eventually and get those nasty Google ads on our mobile phones too (and the search, and the Google mail, and the Google tools and and and…). Details here.

The Google ads will invade our TV screens too! The Web is no longer enough for the search giant. As Google makes great revenue from its AdWords system, the unexpected plunge on air doesn’t surprise me. Google and EchoStar (Dish Network) are partners in the first-ever automated system for buying, selling and delivering television ads (with Google reinventing even the way TV advertising is done). The Network haunted by Google has 125 American satellite programs and more than 13 million subscribers.

The Google Maps is old news; now Google pushes its limits to the outer limits. Google is developing a search technology and a search engine for the world’s bigger telescope. This search engine will scan and analyze real-time data transmitted by the telescope and index it in real time to make it available for scientists all around the Earth. The general public will also benefit from this invention: a public viewing systems will be developed to supplement the “restricted area.”

Google married AOL. Or is it vice versa? Anyhow, from now on, if you are an AOL user, you’ll be happy to discover ads by Google everywhere you go on AOL, as Google offered AOL a white-label version of its AdWords program.

Google acquired DoubleClick – and I have no idea what they are going to do with it. Honestly, I don’t even care. I note it here though, because it might be interesting for you to find out that MSN had an interest in purchasing this company too, but Google was simply… wealthier (?), mightier. – UPDATE: Maybe this is what Google wants to do with DoubleClick?

Google acquired Tonic Systems – just to piss off Microsoft again. Or maybe to give better tools to its users? (Yeah, sure!) Tonic Systems does the same as PowerPoint. Soon you’ll have, aside documents and spreadsheets, Google presentations. This is a good thing because you’ll be able to store your presentation online, on your Google account (so on a Google server) and access them from any PC with Internet connection. No need to run around with your USB, data CD or laptop.

Google bought software (tired of buying companies?): the Marratech video conferencing software. I have no idea what this software really does and on the Marratech site there is no affluence of information either.

Google is re-branding Froogle. Wait! I’m wrong. I should say: Google killed Froogle! Murder I say! Murder! Now they try to cover up their sins with Google Product Search. Back to basics, my friends.

Having fun yet? No? Then watch a movie on Google! I give you It’s A Wonderful Life… because I love it.


  1. It’s a wonderful life for Google…or is it a wonderful Google life…that’s the question;)

    Love to you!!!


  2. LOL! That was a funny one! Thank you, sweetie! Yes. No matter how you look at it. Yes!

  3. I have a sense of deja vu. Can anyone say Microsoft?

    The phrase “pride goeth before a fall” comes to mind.

  4. Oh, your answer calls for updates…

    Here it goes update:

    Microsfot is no longer the World’s strongest brand. The king lost its crown for Google which came on the first position this year, after being the 7th most famous brand last year. You can read the complete Brandz report (pdf) here.

  5. Google has done a wonderful job in making information on the Web findable.
    However, they have a massive amount of data that could be easily misused. With the addition of DoubleClick, the data available is truly scary.
    I think Google will soon be much more of a monopoly the Microsoft ever was.

  6. :) The very purpose of this entry. But pssst! Don’t tell!

  7. If Google ever crashes it will look like the Hindenburg hitting my house :) I don’t know why I hate Google, perhaps it is the name, or it could be the 12 year old billionaires. Google, sounds like something a baby does doesn’t it.

    I just got this image of Google storm troopers goose stepping across the Internet. Geeks with heavy boots and the whole gig. LMAO. They are like one of those bad 80′s songs that won’t get out of my head.

    Oh BTW, Google “did” a good job of making stuff findable. A search is just as likely to find Bob’s Taj Mahal Bait and Tackle Shop now as it is to locate the actualy Taj :)

    I love you guys, but I am the UnGoogler

  8. Phil, you are too funny! Have I told you lately how much I like your style? God, I love this Google topic! :D

  9. Well, Google is so much like the king of the net for now. There’s nothing much that they can’t lay their hands on these days.. :D

  10. No matter what, I just love Google. I believe that what those kids made out of this “internet machine” is fantastic. I really admire them.

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