Liz Strauss.If there is something I really know how to cherish, that is a kind heart. And when this heart knows how to listen to other hearts, the word “kindness” is not enough to describe the person in whose chest is beating.

I have the chance, no… the pride, to have Liz Strauss among my friends. I’ve just met her, online (although I was already reading her successful blog and her personal blog) and I already know: this is a friend I can always count on.

She is warm, open, ready to listen, ready to give a kind advice, ready to teach you what’s best for you. And she wants nothing in return. Liz is a wonder.

If you want to know how I met her, that’s simple: I wrote her an email, asking for support with the Blogger Power project. One hour later she wrote me back. In a few minutes we were talking, on Skype. I was really nervous, excited and happy (if you read her blogs you’ll know why). But as we carried on with our conversation I felt there was nothing to worry about anymore. Liz Strauss is on our side! And she is going to help us raise awareness for this project. With Liz on our side, there’s no way back!

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  1. Hi Mihaela!
    What does someone say to something so wonderful as what you wrote?

    There is no act of giving that does no beneift the giver. Thank you so much for being you.


  2. Life is about celebrating people who make the moments worth! There are not so many “givers” in this world, but I am sure you’ll manage to gather around you as many of them as possible. Goodness follows goodness. :) Thank you for reading my blog!

  3. Liz is indeed a kind heart :-)

  4. Kudos to recognition where it’s due :) This was a lovely post, from a lovely writer/communicator to another lovely writer/communicator – there should be more of these! :)

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