Bad “Writing for the Web”

The technique I will refer to in this entry really pisses me off, especially because I have some clients that really ask something like that from me. And I do it, what else… I have contracts. But…

So I’ve decided to write a short entry to answer a frequently asked question: “how to optimize web content?”

The answer is short, simple, logical: optimize each page.

The main page – aka index or home page – should be optimized for the most relevant keywords related to your business.

The interior pages should be optimized for keywords within the content of each page.

Now to the BAD technique:

Page title: Homemade Wine
Meta description: Homemade wine from……
Keywords (not that these matter) : homemade wine, homemade wines, etc
H1: Homemade Wine
First paragraph: Homemade wine from
Second paragraph: Homemade wines from…

What’s wrong with that picture? EVERYTHING!

This is probably the most unnatural pattern you could choose. So stay away from it and try writing for humans instead of search engines spiders. While it is still important to place your keywords on good positions, it is more important that you “mix them up” within the content and ensure that your page copy has a natural flow.

Prose from the Pros:

Website templates are not as simple as a cv template or the powerpoint templates. In order to understand web design basics, web design books should be studied first and before embarking upon web templates overview, it should be made a point to comprehend the workings of a flash templates.

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